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— Response to Border Force penalty system

Get rid of UK border controls.transport delays.negligence of drivers.

Guided by the needs of carriers, we have created an effective system to control trucks against clandestine entrants

Solution consulted with Border Force.​

First digital

Truck Security Checklist

Check, document, photograph your vehicle with an effective system for preventing clandestine entrants coming to the UK.

Our technology will help your company to join the UK Border Force civil penalty accreditation scheme

How UKTruckCheck can help you?

Inspect with driver's phone

Give your driver a tool to easily fill out cheklists along with photo proof.

Contact with driver

Write messages directly on the driver's phone and send him links to checklists

Review checklist by main office

An easy way to control the performance of driver duties in real time.

Guide driver about all the needed precautions

Be sure that the driver performs vehicle control in a systemic manner and in accordance with the requirements of the Border Force.

Simple pricing.

1 checklist = 1 route to the UK


1.99 EUR /net

Buy by the piece or as a package

  • 3 SMS per checklist
  • 60 days to use

TRIAL account​

Free registration​​​

Test for free


3 SMS per checklist

Active for one month

Small Package

14,99 EUR



3 SMS per checklist

60 days for use

Medium Package

34,99 EUR



3 SMS per checklist

60 days for use

Max Package

99,99 EUR



3 SMS per checklist

60 days for use

Looking for complex solution?

How does it work?


Add your drivers to the list.

Store drivers in your contact list. You can easily manage the list - delete, change and check all contacts.


Assign checklists to be completed.

Enter the relevant information and assign a checklist. The system will automatically send a link to the checklist to the phone number assigned to the driver.


Verify checks performed by drivers.

As required by the Border Force - each office should verify that the driver is reliably controlling the vehicle. UKTruckCheck allows you to verify inspections on the fly.


Generate a report in case of BF checks.

If the Border Force stops a driver for inspection or wants to verify the company's security procedures, you can generate a report at any time as proof of your actions.

For transport and shipping companies that move cargo to UK.

Due to increasing number of clandestine entrants trying to reach borders of UK you can face a fine of up to £10,000 for each clandestine entrant you carry.

With this app, you can monitor whether your driver is doing all the necessary things to minimise the risk of bringing illegal immigrants into England.


We have been using UKTruckCheck since June 2022. The tool has enabled us to successfully implement a system of truck inspections in line with Border Force requirements. With UKTruckCheck we are able to quickly prove that our drivers are performing all required checks with due diligence.

Adam Baranowski,
SKAT Transport

Start using UKTruckCheck in few steps.

Fill entry form to open new account

Receive an e-mail and log in
to your account

Choose your plan and make payment

That's it! You can use UKTruckCheck!


Yes the application contains all the elements recommended by the BF even exceeding them.

Yes, it will improve its safety and document the checks carried out along the route.

Yes, there is a status in the app for every check also for those not started and to check in real time the correctness of the checks carried out.

Yes, you can send messages to the driver, however, there is a limited number of SMS that can be sent for each checklist.

All partial inspections carried out including photographs of their location and time of execution.

Check, document, inspect and prove that you did everything to make sure you do not bring clandestine entrants to England.​