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Quick contact with driver

from the office computer

With UKTruckCheck you can send links to the required checklists and SMS reminders.​

Our technology will help your company to join the UK Border Force civil penalty accreditation scheme

List of bulletpoints in our checklist

Every time you will send Checklist to driver. He will have to check and take a photo of each truck's part.


Below vehicle


Vehicle inside


Roof undamaged


TIR cord and tilt taut


Seal undamaged


Padlock in place and undamaged

How does it work?


Add your drivers to the list.

Store drivers in your contact list. You can easily manage the list - delete, change and check all contacts.


Assign checklists to be completed.

Enter the relevant information and assign a checklist. The system will automatically send a link to the checklist to the phone number assigned to the driver.


Verify checks performed by drivers.

As required by the Border Force - each office should verify that the driver is reliably controlling the vehicle. UKTruckCheck allows you to verify inspections on the fly.


Generate a report in case of BF checks.

If the Border Force stops a driver for inspection or wants to verify the company's security procedures, you can generate a report at any time as proof of your actions.

For transport and shipping companies that move cargo to UK.

Due to increasing number of clandestine entrants trying to reach borders of UK you can face a fine of up to £10,000 for each clandestine entrant you carry.

Thanks to this app you can be sure that your driver is doing correct job to avoid fines and delay transport.

Check, document, inspect and prove that you did everything to make sure you do not bring clandestine entrants to England.​